Summer 2014 Update

Just a quick note to say I’m still here and still supporting Perry scheme assessment and research despite the lack of activity on this Perry Network blog/web site! Mainly I’m staying very busy with my “day job” directing assessment, teaching and learning efforts across the state of Washington, but in the last year I’ve also worked on interview projects in Iowa and California, MID essay projects from Minnesota and Washington, and LEP projects from Indiana, North Carolina, Virginia, Australia, Malaysia, and the Philippines.

I’ll post and add new material here when I can, but if you’re interested in Perry scheme assessment and manage to find this site, feel free to get in touch even if there aren’t up-to-the-minute postings–I’m around and happy to help if I can! [See About the Perry Network for contact information…]

CSID back on line

Welcome to the new Perry Network/Center for the Study of Intellectual Development (CSID) web site! After neglecting the site for years (I’ll spare you the excuses), I’ve finally upgraded it to WordPress and am in the process of rebuilding and re-visioning it, learning how as I go. It’s stillĀ a work-in-progress, as I suppose any good site is these days; time permitting (and that’s a hit or miss thing these days for me :-(, I’ll work on improving and updating the content and even do some occasional blogging about issues related to the Perry scheme. I welcome comments from anyone interested in Perry scheme assessment and educational interventions related to addressing cognitive complexity and intellectual development!